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My apologies for any inconvienence, but these simple adjustments will increase your accessibility and enjoyment.

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CSS makes web pages easier to be managed into one constant style, when you change the style, all pages with that style will be updated, such a benefit helps me a lot in arranging this site.

Any computer using the site recommendations will enter FCPS UK without difficulties. The more powerful a PC, however, the better the site will run. Additionally, the faster a connection (e.g. BT or other broadband service), the more pleasant your experience will be.

FCPS UK assumes many viewers have at least an ISDN connection. Cable modems, DSL, or WI/FI connections will function best. Even though I have attempted to compress all files, a 56 or 28.8kbs connection (modem or something similiar) will be slow. Please be patient. Many pages use graphics with "image" or "layer" rollovers (with some including sounds and/or extended timelines), and there may be delays.

Those of you outside continental West Europe, may also experience traffic delays as well.

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